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The Hand Has Its Social Media Moment

October 30, 2017

Hand Specialist East Tennessee

One of the subtler societal changes social media has effected is the way we see our own hands. The New York Times recently analyzed the way social media videos, starting with BuzzFeed’s cooking videos in 2012, have popularized the point-of-view style of filming in which hands are the only human feature represented. Since then, Facebook and Instagram (and every other video social media platform) have added thousands of these videos in which disembodied hands are seen cooking, crafting, drawing, building, shaping, painting, posing, pointing, and prestidigitating. Characterizing the hand as all-business, as projecting “a quiet seriousness of purpose,” this cinematic focus sets the hand up “as a symbol of artisanal craftsmanship and entrepreneurial zeal.”

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